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Want an easy way to meet sex dating partners? Adult personals reviews in an online dating guide that shows the top adult dating sites.
Helps you find the quickest way to meet hot single girls in your local area!

The best thing about is the endless choice. Bisexual babes, swinging couples and open minded singles have all gathered up to make your fantasies come true. Don't let the name confuse you. This is not the place to make friends. It is however, the perfect place to meet fuck buddies and one night stands. You don't have to be a player. Here everybody gets laid.

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9.99 to 32.99
cost per month

   Best Value!

It's evident that ULust is a professional sex dating site. It looks good, it is packed with amusing interactive features but most importantly: It brings results. Check out the video chat rooms to see online, send offline messages to potential fuck buddies and browse the sexy profiles until you find an ass you'd like to tap. This website really knows what it's doing and it gives you all the tools you need to score.

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cost per month

Come visit this kinky adult dating community and be sure to pack some dirty fantasies. XXXBlackBook is overflowing with people who want to get laid and the only relationships mentioned here are of the NSA kind. Spice it up with some sexy phone sex or enjoy cybersex on the live chat rooms. Then go get yourself a real date and make sure she's a wild one.

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cost per month

I was initially captivated by the name of, but after looking inside I discovered that it doesn't tell the half of it. This is a website for horny people, naughty people and those who want to get dirty and just need a partner. The MILFs and singles women here are extremely direct and it looks like everyone here is n the same page, assuming that you're reading the Kama Sutra.

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cost per month

   Kick Ass Site!

I urge you not to look for love on AdutlLove, because in spite of the name, this site is not about romance. However, if you are looking for a sensual lover, a casual fling or a hot, cum-soaked one night stand, this is the place to go. Use the superb feature to express your interest and make some steamy plans for the night.

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cost per month

As the name hints, is your classical sex dating community where free-spirited adults come to get nude and naughty with people like them. There are funky communication tools, an easygoing atmosphere and the webcam sex chats are especially memorable, so do check them out. Make sure you look through all the types of memberships, because as my full review reveals: You can save a lot of cash by choosing the right one.

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cost per month

 Live Sex Chat

Stop wasting time on vague pictures and start enjoying real live chat rooms free of charge. All the sexy singles and horny swingers on ImLive have full access to no cost webcam chats and you can watch them, flirt and find out if they have what you're looking for. Just come and take your pick from thousands of online users, day or night.

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0.98 to 4.98
cost per minute

AmateurMatch could use with a bit of reorganization, but for those of you who like getting your hands dirty and doing some arousing looking around, this service is the leading choice. This is not some online matchmaking service. This is a place for people who want to have casual sex, and the direct attitude is certainly refreshing. Take a look around. You will definitely find a potential date - or a hundred.

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cost per month

WildMatch.comNew & Improved Platform

I have many reasons for liking It may not be the biggest adult dating site online, but it focuses on the most important aspects of cyber flings and really knows what users want. There are lots of cute single babes and cheating wives on this website as well as saucy chat rooms where anything goes. Do yourself a favor and upgrade your free membership, and then go check out the naked galleries before you spend your bonus sex chat credits.

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cost per month

With tempting prices and seductive members, has everything it takes to make a fantastic sex dating site. Hang around the forums and chat rooms, get flirtatious or filthy with stunning women and ask one - or a dozen of them out. I am not recommending this service for those of you out there who are looking for true love, but for those of you who want NSA sex: Get to it.

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6.99 to 24.95
cost per month

Get in touch with your naughty side on This sexy hookup service is fun, edgy and full of lovely options that are bound to wow you and turn you on before you even start your search. The number of features is impressive and the women are stunning. Read my full review for more details, but you can probably tell that this site wins a definite Yes.

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19.99 to 39.99
cost per month

 works hard to make sure that you score. This famed website supplies you with emails, instant message services, chat rooms, forums, erotic blogs and it tops it all off with advanced tools that helps you find your perfect matches. No wonder so many singles, couples and threesomes are already taking advantage of this service. The only question remaining is: Why aren't you there?

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cost per month

Get to know the upsides and downsides of This large adult dating sites lists plenty of users and you can sign up for long-term membership for very affordable prices. According to the site's motto it all starts with flirting, but does all this flirting ends with sex dating? Read the full review to find out.

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8.80 to 31.50
cost per month

Finding a new lover has never been this easy. Simply sign up, log on and make sure your schedule is wide open, because it will soon be jam-packed with hot dates. is a pretty massive adult singles community, so you can rest assure that never mind what nameless town you happen to be living in, there will be plenty of members sharing your zip code.

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13.33 to 29.95
cost per month

I hope you're feeling playful, because on SexPlayCam you have to be. This is a bubbly, sexy, naughty dating community where people come to get it on - be it online or with casual dates that end with the sunrise. Get personal with some amusing beautiful singles and don't let their sweet appearance fool you. As you will soon discover, many of these cute women have deliciously dirty ideas.

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Discover the True Nature of Adultlove's Available Chicks on Cam

The Jist: This allegedly innocent looking dating site actually features horny wives that are interested in hooking up for fun and sex while cheating on hubby. So what are you waiting for? Sign in and come back to tell how many hot & willing babes you were able to find within your area code.

Highlights: It seems that does everything possible to help you find that special someone (or some ones) to get nasty with. As soon as you enter the main page you immediately see all available chicks in your area. The yummy selection is on the table and all you have to do is choose.

Lowlights: If you're into finding the one to walk on the beach with, side by side and grow old together, this is not the first place I would have on mind. However, if you're still here, reading my words of wisdom, I guess you're into the real deal, or in other words: horny hotties that are looking for hardcore action. So if you're looking for that kind of interaction you'd immediately feel at home at

Lowdown: Monthly membership is 19.95 per 30 days. A 3 day trial costs 2.95.

Top Tips: Entering the main page may make you feel somewhat flooded. Don't be panicked, sit back and let yourself feel fluttered, all these mouth watering girls are waiting for you to make the first move...

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Locate Your Local Lustful Personals at

The Jist: The moment you enter the main page at, you immediately see all available hotties within your area. Although that feature is not that revolutionary, you must admit that it's always heartwarming to have such attentive female neighbors who welcome you as soon as you step through the door.

Highlights: It seems that everyone at is looking to score. No matter when you decide to log in, you'll always find a satisfactory selection of hotrod riders who are more than happy to take that nasty ride with you all night long. But before all that, you can engage yourself in some foreplay activities, such as: participating in live video chats, inviting friends to your network, watching or recording member videos and rating hot's members.

Lowlights: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but when you're exposed to so much bare boobs, you find yourself actually yearning for a little less exposed flesh. What this probably means is that sometimes I prefer to feel that I was the one who made her show off her knockers, that she's doing it just for me, not the whole fucking world. Nonetheless, it's the last time you'll ever hear me complaining...

Lowdown: Average cost for a premium membership is 22.98 per month.

Top Tips: Check out 'My Lust' feature. That wonderful option enables you define your special preferences and get that hot and constantly updating list directly to your mailbox.

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Fucking Hot Babes - and I do Mean That Literally

The Jist: To tell you the truth, if the babes on my black book were half as sexy as the busty women I found on this website, maybe I'd be hanging out with them instead of spending my precious time with you assholes. However, since most of my X-girlfriends have fugly as a middle name, thank God that an online sex community like exists.

Highlights: I just love the fact this site offers phonesex. Sure - it's not free phone sex, but the moaning and groaning sex chat I got were pretty fucking priceless. Also, the chicks you'll find on this adult date site are so hot that they can roast sausages, and they certainly took a good care of mine.

Lowlights: This relatively new site is still in the medium-sized category and if it wants to get into the major league (and it sure as fuck has the potential) it needs to get a bigger database of members. I love the selection they offer, but some categories - like sexy swingers for example, simply don't have all that many options.

Lowdown: Average cost is for membership is 29.95 per month and if you want to enjoy all the hardcore extras, gold membership is 34.95. Signing up is free of charge and you get a nice discount if you buy for three months ahead.

Top Tips: Don't waste your time with the free sex tour. Only paying members get access to the free recorded nude shows and other orgasm-inducing materials. If you're the "Scared of Commitment" type, just use the 10 day trail membership.

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Allow Yourself to Get Real Naughty on

The Jist: Finally a site that deserves its name Ė is a very naughty site that inspires its horny users to do the same. There are plenty of swingers and horny singles ready to play online and there are many features and interactive tools that will allow you to get to know them, intimately, and intensely. Just be sure to leave all shyness and restrictions at the door, because they have no place on this juicy, lusty platform.

Highlights: Personally, I really like the Ice Breakers, which are kind of On Liners that you can send any woman you like free of charge. They ease up the tension of having to impress hundreds of women without losing originality and you can find charming as well as hilarious options to choose from in a click of a mouth.

Lowlights: The 1 month membership is not cheap, so you will need to find the courage and commit for a longer term. However, considering the number of babes you will want to check out here, I am guessing that you may as well sign up for 6 months anyway Ė even that is not close to being enough.

Lowdown: The 1 month membership is not cheap, so you will need to find the courage and commit for a longer term. However, considering the number of babes you will want to check out here, I am guessing that you may as well sign up for 6 months anyway Ė even that is not close to being enough.

Top Tips: 1 month membership costs $39.99 and the 3 months go for $25. If you find this a tad expensive, go for the 6 month subscription: It only costs $19.99 per month and includes everything.

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Indulge Your Sexual Fantasies with Other Adult Members in Your Area

The Jist: It seems that is the home of all the people who are looking for unconventional sex within your area code. It's not that I'm complaining, but it's somewhat ironic that on the one day of the year I was looking for traditional, monogamistic casual sex, all this kinkiness was flung into my face. Oh well, such is life Ė guess Iíll have to give up romance and satisfy myself with meaningless, intense fucking with strange, horny women.

Highlights: has a number of cute features that a lot of other dating sites gave up on, including video chat, a Ďblackbookí feature, the ability to "safely" search (meaning: shut off viewing of explicit photos and video feeds) and put your profile in discreet mode (only allowing people in your blackbook to view your profile). Members added to your blackbook are entitled to view your discreet profile photos. Other members can also ask you to include them in your blackbook and their names will be listed on the pending list. You are the only one who can approve their request. One section of your blackbook is tagged Friends and the other one is Favorites and you can add members you like more in your favorites list. I tell ya, I've never been this organized in my whole life.

Lowlights: There are indubitably more men than women on the site. In the areas I searched, users were mainly heterosexual men in their early 20's, with more or less 10 men for every woman. That sucks ass considering the fact that I am, and always will be, a big fan of female genitalia.

Lowdown: Basic membership is completely free of charge, but notice that this is a limited time offer folks and I ainít promising that if you keep waiting around with your thumb up your ass, itíll still be there when you drop by. Average cost for a premium membership is $24.95 per month. A 3 day trial costs $4.95. If you sign up for a year youíll pay around $11.80 or whatever Ė itís $139.95 for 12 months and Iím not a math genius, OK? If I were maybe Iíd be working on my thesis instead of chatting with your dumbasses.

Top Tips: As a Premium Member (silver or gold), you're entitled to an additional 3 month membership, free of charge, if you canít hook up with anyone in the initial 3 months. In other words if you're a slow worker, is here to help!

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Meet & get personal - find a match and go on a date at Imlive

The Jist: is exactly the kind of dating site I like: real horny chicks, without fuss or feathers, are sitting at home and waiting for you to make the call... I tell you, these hotties were SO friendly, I had to phone the local fire department

Highlights: What you see is what you get- that's the beauty of I love straightforwardness & honesty, especially when it comes to dating. At I can see exactly who am I hooking up with, the interaction is immediate and the moment you sign up and buy credit, you can start chatting with whoever you like. So start using your flirting techniques, since at a casual chat can easily lead to casual sex, and believe me I know what I'm talking about...

Lowlights: is definitely NOT the right place for shy guys. Everything is on the table and everybody knows exactly what their favorite dish is. So for all you beginners I recommend you start slow, enjoy the foreplay and beware that these horny chicks may eat you alive.

Lowdown: 0.98 to 4.98 cost per minute of chatting, flirting and whatever you fell like doing

Top Tips: Make the best out of's huge selection of cuties. Chat and hook up with as many babes as possible, before you decide to make the call and ask that special babe on a date.

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Real Amateurs - Genuine Action

The Jist: You'll have to have patience when you go on this slightly-chaotic joy ride - but it is enjoyable, and it is one hell of a ride. Unlike similar web sites which usually tend to be heavily spammed, the stay-at-home-moms, naughty redheads and long-legged swingers you'll find at are - generally speaking - for real.

Highlights: I have a BIG appetite, and I like to have different dishes on my plate, so I was happy to see that had both lots of members and a great variety to choose from. All I needed to do was go through the menu and see what I felt like.

Lowlights: The search option is kind of terrible. Not that I object to going through thousands of pictures of semi-naked women, but some people do have to work, you know? At least that's what I've heard.

Lowdown: Cost for full access is 24.95 per month, and in my opinion it's enough for anything you need. If you want to get a little extra though, for 29.95, which really isn't that big of a difference, you'll become a VIP member.

Top Tips: As a paying member, you'll receive access to some awesome treats like a taste of XXX shows, pic galleries, and computer games where people do dirty, naughty things. This is all very cool, but remember that you're paying to meet real fuck-buddies, so don't waste too much of your precious time with these naked images. I have, but it's a known fact that I'm not very clever.

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We Got So Friendly That I had to Change My Shorts

The Jist: For all you romantic lovelorn fools or - more accurately - horny sex-seekers out there, this is a place where you can hang your hat. is pretty fucking fantastic when it comes to variety, and even if you are a short, fat man with hairy eyebrows and a tail looking for a petite redhead from Mars with big boobs, sharp ears and lesbian tendencies, chances are you'd find exactly what you're looking for.

Highlights: The site prides itself on having over 24 million members worldwide, and they have a pretty cool search system that lets you find people in your area. So, if you ever wanted to get kinky with the bored and not-so-desperate housewife next door - here's your chance.

Lowlights: Let's put it on the table, folks. The site's main goal it to help people get laid. The busty, interracial lesbo couple seeking to meet a buff, guy partner for adult games isn't talking about a wild night of Scrabble. Of course, having a constant hard-on myself, it works for me. If you are looking for real love, however, it might take you awhile to find people with pure intentions.

Lowdown: Average cost is 19.95 to 29.95 for one month of pleasure. The site has different memberships with different benefits, but I'm sure you can figure them out on your own

Top Tips: If, like me, you're cheap assholes who are into finding real action all year round, pick an annual membership. It saves like 50% of the price per month, and as my old pa used to say, "paying less makes the pussy taste sweeter."

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Plenty of Love - The Filthy, Sticky, Birthday Suit Kind

The Jist: If you're a North American, and you want to get it on with a willing hottie, is a fine place to start your own private online sex party. The registration process is short and sweet, and you can start searching through the babes' profiles as soon as you sign up for free. The site has all the juicy categories: swingers, couples, singles, etc., and I do recommend you try them all.

Highlights: The site gets my frank "Hurray!" for not making me describe my hobbies and history as part of the registration process and for having one of the most user-friendly attitudes I've seen. Also, I like the fact that I could block people from messaging me. I'm a popular guy, you know, and all those busty blondes tend to be vindictive.

Lowlights: You really can't do much as long as you don't pay - but I guess it's fair. Also, I think the site's design needs some serious upgrading. I thought that red-hearts-motive was slightly tacky.

Lowdown: Average cost is 19.95 to 29.95 per month of chatting, flirting, and crazy nights of lust. As with all similar sites, you need to remember to cancel your membership, or you're billed again automatically.

Top Tips: If you make a mistake on your profile - like, for example, writing that you are a lesbian brunette instead of a hairy, muscular guy - and you want to correct it, the friendly FAQ will tell you exactly how.

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The Jist: is the ideal online spot for all of you who are seeking 'no strings attached' sexual encounters, adult cyber action and more. The basic membership is totally free, although an upgrade to premium membership is essential if you'd like to interact with other members, to look at their full-sized pictures or to access the site's extra features.

Highlights: You can protect your anonymity by blocking unwelcome members and creating your very own Friends List. The advanced search feature enables you to find hot dates within a defined distance from where you live. This works beautifully for U.S. users (by entering Zip code) and for other countries (by the city name).

Lowlights: Searches might be slow from time to time. The majority of searches on lead to a great number of bios of sexy babes in explicit poses. Whether these are all real is pretty vague. However, seems to offer real women as well, although the paying members' database is a bit smaller than other adult dating sites.

Lowdown: Standard Membership: free of charge; Paid Membership Plans: 1 Month Membership: 29.95; 3 Month Membership: 69.95

Top Tips: Even if you weren't able to hook up with a hot chick right away, bear in mind that offers additional adult services like: live video chat, web cam shows and XXX games.

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I was Horny and Looking for Sweaty Action - Sounds Familiar?

The Jist: This is a medium-size matching site with plenty of foxy hotties who cut straight to the chase. I never felt so in demand, and all the babes seemed fucking eager to get some. This website is pretty good with the essentials, and you have all your basics covered - but it's mainly for vanilla-flavored, man-on-woman games, nothing too kinky.

Highlights: You can search through the site's database without signing in - not even as a free member. Of course, you can't enlarge any of the really dirty pictures until you go through the surprisingly short and pleasant registration procedure.

Lowlights: Average cost is for a premium membership is 29.95 per month. Signing up and basic membership is free of charge.

Lowdown: Average cost is for a premium membership is 29.95 per month. Signing up and basic membership is free of charge.

Top Tips: Don't fall for the "free" basic stuff. You won't get anywhere before you registere as a paying member, so save your time and just get it done with.

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Sexy Women and Naughty Sex Ads

The Jist: This is a flashback to the days of before the web, a chance to reclaim the more personal touch of posting and replying to naughty ads. It really is a refreshing change and it's blended in nicely with some up to date features and a few we've not seen before.

Highlights: The photo competitions and members galleries are a really nice touch. And the general community feel to the site makes it much easier to interact and meet new people.

Lowlights: Although there are some nice touches and unique features to this site, it still feels a little amateurish to some of us here, but nothing that can't be overcome.

Lowdown: You can get free membership to the site without having to give any of your personal details. And signing up to the VIP club is easy. It comes in 3 price bands and can be done in 3 billing methods.

Top Tips: Take advantage of the Free Membership option to take a look around.

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The Wild, Wild Match

The Jist: Being hung, I believe that the old saying about how "size doesn't matter" was made up by guys with tiny cocks and the new and improved pProves my point. This sex dating site is big, user friendly and full of options, which is just like I like my women when you come to think of it. Now, bigger and better than ever, it offers its users naked galleries, free video chat and even bonus credits.

Highlights: The free chat option is FANTASTIC. This means you can talk with the babes online before you pay for private chat and find out if they're worth your time. Judging from my cum-soaked keyboard, I guess you could say most of them are.

Lowlights: Some of the features don't work smoothly yet and the website isn't all that user-friendly as it used to be. However, since it was only recently changed, I'm going to cut it some slack.

Lowdown: Average cost is 29.95 for 1 month of the wildest sex chat and XXX dating you can imagine. You get 30 bonus private chat credits when you sign up and even more, if you commit for a longer period of time.

Top Tips: Don't skip on the sexy freebees. The nude galleries are my own personal favorite, but there are quite a few cool teasers and kinky videos that I'm sure will get you warmed up.

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Spice up Your Night Life with Sexy Personals &Passionate Singles

The Jist: Over 125,000 members online at any given time are ready to meet you and, they are willing to show it all, with over 130,000 photos per week. is for all of you guys who are seeking that raunchy encounter with one person (or more). They are kind enough to offer several powerful features, which allow you to narrow your search in order to locate that special local hottie always dreamed about.

Highlights: is one of the largest adult dating sites on the internet with over 20 million members. And as I always say, the bigger - the better! You can bump into lots of relationship types to choose from and as a free (standard) member you can use the instant messenger feature and chat rooms.

Lowlights: Like any intimate dating site out there, there are more male profiles than female ones. However, with the amount of available and attentive chicks, there's no way you won't be able to hook up with someone for any purpose, any time.

Lowdown: Average cost for a premium membership is 19.95 per month.

Top Tips: The site may contain some fake profiles that tend to try and get guys to sign up to other sites. Nonetheless, if you report a fake profile to they promptly remove it (within 24 hours).

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Get Kinky with Flirtatious Babes on

The Jist: I was a tad discouraged by the name of, because let's be honest: Flirting is not what I have in mind when I sign up for an adult dating site. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of babes registered to the site and from what I've seen they have a lot more than flirtations on their kinky, dirty minds.

Highlights: The best thing about this dating site is that women get to message guys for free. It doesnít ensure that anyone will send you a message of course, but it does make the ladies very generous with their communication, and this clearly improves your chances of getting some.

Lowlights: If you are looking for face to face encounters, you better be living in central cities, because the further you are from large metropolitans, the harder it would be for you to find enough partners looking for a one night stand.

Lowdown: There is a free membership, or kind of Ė because it's not enough to get anything done on this site. The upgrade will cost you $31.50 for one month, but there is a much cheaper deal: Sign up for a full year membership and you'll only be paying $8.80 per month.

Top Tips: This is not a classical sex dating site, but more of a mainstream matching service with a lot of horny women. Make sure that you and the babe you interact with are on the same page, or you risk ending up in a serious relationship or worse: Married.

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Chat with Lusty Single Women, Cheating Wives and Swinging Couples FREE of Charge

The Jist: Even though itís a pretty small-scale website, I was thoroughly impressed by SexCamPlay. This adult dating site specializes in webcam sex chats and hookup setups and itís full of casual sex possibilities. Once you pay a monthly subscription all services and features are free of charge and there are numerous ways to pass the time and extremely pleasantly.

Highlights: I really like the fact that this sex date website doesnít charge for the adult video chat rooms. It could have, and folks would pay, but it chooses to treat its visitors instead, and that says a lot.

Lowlights: I donít like to go through email verifications. I am willing to list my credit card, no problem, but I donít want to receive any emails and I donít really see why I have to.

Lowdown: There are 2,000 or so registered members on SexPlayCam and the regular monthly subscription costs between $9.99 and $34.95 per month, according to the membership upgrade you choose and for how long you are willing to sign up for.

Top Tips: Signing up for a full year will save you, and not just a bit. It can be as much a as third of the original per month price, which means that if youíre thinking about 3 months, you may as well sign up for 12, because cash-wise the difference is pretty insignificant.


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